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BullGuard is a traditional antivirus product that has always had a consistent user base. That said, its popularity seems to have declined in recent years. 为什么? I decided to put it to the test to see how it holds up presently.

在这篇BullGuard评论中,我分析了顶级套房 - BullGuard高级防护. This analysis will help you make an informed decision when choosing the antivirus solution that’s right for you.


BullGuard includes numerous features designed to keep your PC and online accounts safe and secure. 我分析的第一个特性是最重要的...


To thoroughly test BullGuard’s antivirus engine, I attempted to run a ransomware 模拟 使用KnowBe4勒索软件模拟器. 然而,BullGuard不允许主发射器运行. This should be a good sign because it means that BullGuard’s sensors stopped a major threat, 即使这是一个勒索软件模拟器.


它阻塞了测试所必需的可执行文件. 然后, 我把它从隔离区修复了, BullGuard blocked it again after I tried to run the test a second time.


不幸的是, 没有允许可执行文件运行的选项. Bitdefender和McAfee也是如此. BullGuard should include this option, especially when it comes to detecting false positives. It only has an option to report false positives to its developers.


Manual and automatic system scans are key practices to protect devices from cyber threats. BullGuard’s scanning options are quite customizable and will satisfy even the most security-focused users.

As with all BullGuard modules, you can conveniently select related features using the drop-down menu. 在反病毒模块中,您将看到多个选项:


While testing the scan thoroughly, some interesting things surfaced:


BullGuard’s full scan targets all files and processes located on the hard drive. As usual, the more files your system has, the slower the scanning process will be. 扫描ning time also depends on your PC’s performance and how you configure the scan, including the number of file threads that need to be scanned.


BullGuard只花了12分钟就扫描了大约80万份文件. 这对于恶意软件的深度扫描来说是非常快的. In fact, it was so fast that I was a bit concerned that the scan wasn’t deep enough.


To view the scan report, I clicked on a link (BullGuard creates one after each scan) — “View Report”. 这把我带到了消息中心(日志), where I could view the results and scan parameters in more detail.


的 quick scan feature only targets files that are common hosts of viruses or other forms of malware. 扫描ned files included rootkits, registry, processes, as well as temporary files. 在我的测试PC上,快速扫描过程确实很快! 扫描2000多个文件只花了10秒. 正如我所料,这次扫描没有发现任何威胁.


自定义扫描模块使事情变得更加有趣. It allows you to schedule scans by creating antivirus profiles. Naturally, the option you can control is what files to scan:



BullGuard -配置自定义扫描文件类型


BullGuard -在自定义扫描中选择何时扫描文件

在我的《云顶集团用户登录》回顾中, 我注意到自动扫描有些奇怪. 只要我设置了自定义自动扫描, 该溶液每隔几分钟扫描一次, 尽管我没有设置扫描间隔. 也许他们会在未来的更新中修复这个问题.


安全浏览功能保护您免受 网络钓鱼 企图和恶意网站. 这是一个 mixture between the secure browser feature (more on that later) and the parental controls. What it does is twofold: it detects suspicious links in search engine result pages and it also blocks websites.

If you enable safe browsing, you’ll see varios icons next to links in search engine results (Google, Bing, Yahoo, or Facebook) in accordance to their threat level. 无威胁=绿色图标,高威胁=红色图标. When I searched “malicious website test” on Google using Chrome, BullGuard正确地将其标记为危险网站:


It’s worth noting that BullGuard won’t install extensions on your browser. I see this as a big plus as you don’t have to worry about updating any extensions.

的 other option within this module is website blocking; you can access this from the settings page. 每次我试图访问黑名单网站, 弹出一条消息,说明该页面已被屏蔽.


I proceeded with other tests — opening malicious test links from different sources. I opened these links on my testing PC with multiple browsers.

Maliciouswebsitetest.com — BullGuard prevented all browsers from accessing this website. 云顶集团用户登录开了个好头!


Wicar.org的恶意软件测试 — Testing BullGuards’ defenses using these malware tests was not as straightforward as I hoped. 的 links from this page were blocked either by the browser’s built-in safety features, 或者通过我的路由器.


I looked over BullGuard’s logs for any mention of these pages but couldn’t find any obvious traces. 仍然, this is a well-known malware test page; I’m sure that BullGuard can block them, 尽管我(一开始)没有看到任何证据.

In another test, I decided to swap the Wi-Fi connection with a hotspot from my phone. 这一次, 当网络来源不同的时候, BullGuard显示,它实际上阻止了这些威胁 在Opera浏览器中. 其他浏览器使用它们的内置防御, but it’s safe to assume that BullGuard protects all browsers from threats, 即使它可能不明显.



防火墙是任何一台PC的基本功能. 的y stop potential threats and attacks dead in their tracks throughout your entire network. BullGuard的防火墙取代了默认的防火墙, taking control of everything that passes through your network.

的 firewall module lists all kinds of details about the apps and services that your network allows. 对于初学者,你可以管理每个应用程序的规则:


You can also see all of the connections that are active on your computer in real-time.


Finally, BullGuard shows you the programs/services it monitors in the Network Activity window:


As usual, I tested the firewall using the tool ShieldsUp to analyze their security. 结果很好 — the target IP address was not exposed to public Internet (which is good!).



This module scans for security issues such as missing software updates, 无担保wi - fi连接, 设备驱动程序是否进行了数字签名, 或者更新的Windows配置是强的.


During the testing phase, BullGuard didn’t detect any vulnerabilities. By the way, BullGuard automatically starts scanning for these issues as soon as it’s installed.


几天后, BullGuard notified me of important Windows updates faster than Windows itself. Clicking on the button opened the Windows update page where I was able to apply any missing updates right away.



This module can automatically back up your files onto third-party cloud services or physical drives. 这是一个 欢迎加入BullGuard的兵工厂, even though they don’t provide a cloud backup service of their own like Norton.

Nowadays, this feature enables you to connect to a cloud service: Dropbox, Google Drive, or OneDrive. 第四种选择是使用外部驱动器或网络.

您可以启动一个新的备份, 管理配置文件, or restore files from a backup using the module’s drop-down menu:

BullGuard 备份下拉菜单

的re are multiple configuration options to finetune your 备份:




我测试了通过谷歌驱动器创建的备份. After running through the configuration, the program correctly saved my files to the cloud. I also chose to encrypt my backup before saving it to Drive — BullGuard successfully did so.



的 Tuneup feature is something that comes included in most premium packages. 《云顶集团用户登录》也不例外. 事实上,它是 这是我见过的最好的清洁工具之一. 的 module includes four tools that can be accessed from a drop-down menu:

BullGuard PC调优设置菜单

第一个功能, 优化, analyzed my disk drive and located 700 MB of disposable data. 这包括Windows临时文件和浏览器的缓存. 我马上就把这里清理干净了. It also suggested broken registry cleaning and deleting hibernation files; however, 我不想把它弄乱. 我还喜欢它跳过了对ssd的碎片整理.


清理助手 is a similar feature that enables you to visualize the organization of your files. It highlights large files and assigns colors to the various folders on your system. You can also check which files BullGuard recommends you delete.

BullGuard Cleanup助手窗口

正如PC调优工具所预期的那样,有一个 重复文件查找器也. Bullguard’s has a vibrant interface, with different colors for specific file types. I don’t usually find this feature useful but it doesn’t hurt to have it. You might save some space by deleting identical or similar files, but make sure you manually verify all files before deleting them.


启动管理器 是Windows操作系统的基础版本. However, there’s an interesting feature included called Delayed. A “delayed” application will only start after all Window’s processes and services have fully loaded. 这加快了windows的启动时间.


You can only access the startup manager after you’ve completed a system optimization check. 这个功能的位置很奇怪.

至于引导管理器, it allows you to see the programs and services that automatically start when Windows loads. Here, you can see a graphical representation of an app’s startup pattern. 不过,我不确定这有什么用.


最后,当涉及到的时候有相当多的选择 配置清理过程. 也就是说,您不能配置浏览器清理. It would be useful to be able to see what was deleted for good. 不幸的是, you can’t view what registries it marks as broken, either.

BullGuard PC调优设置


的 家庭网络扫描仪 is another welcome feature included in BullGuard’s Premium package. 它会扫描所有连接到你家庭网络的设备. 这包括路由器、智能手机、智能电视等等.

的 module offers a view of all connected devices and assesses their security. 在我做的一次扫描中, the program told me that my router was vulnerable to attacks via ports. 然而,这是一场虚惊. 正如他们的解释所示, it’s a deliberately opened port (to enable remote access via TeamViewer).



消息中心是"公牛卫队"的中央日志. 查看所有反病毒活动, 比如恶意软件扫描, 网络漏洞扫描, 电脑准备, 备份, 和更多的. 该界面被整齐地组织成类别:



的 antivirus generates weekly reports regarding all activity. 这包括活动的图形表示. You can also view a summary of each activity by simply clicking on them.



An important aspect to consider when choosing the right antivirus solution to meet your needs is its impact on system resources. Antivirus companies, like other software companies, continually refine and optimize their products. 的 question is, how many resources does BullGuard take up?

In standby mode, BullGuard consumes roughly 300 MB RAM and about 0.1%的处理能力. 当然,这些数字各不相同. Resource usage increases when an automatic task (such as backing up files) begins.

BullGuard takes up a lot of resources when performing malware scans — about 70% of CPU power and 350 MB of RAM. 这远远高于平均水平.



BullGuard有一个全面的支持页面. 从这里, 我可以获得大量的信息, 等常见问题, 付款细节, 故障排除指南, 用户指南, 一个论坛, 一个博客, 还有一个云顶集团用户登录页面. You can also access the support modules directly from BullGuard’s interface.


的 customer support window is easy to find — from the Support link on the lower bar. 缺点是你只能发邮件或实时聊天. 没有打电话的选项. I decided to ask customer support (via live chat) a few questions about the antivirus solution.

几分钟内就有人回应了. I asked my questions and was quickly sent links containing the information I needed. 此外, the paragraphs that were of interest were highlighted. 这对我来说就足够了. 这里有一个记录:



在我的测试过程中,我注意到 我无法改变界面的语言. 我询问了客户支持. 的 technician was responsive, but the solution he provided didn’t help.

他让我卸载杀毒软件, 重启我的电脑, gave me a unique installer that supposedly had a language selection option. 它没有工作. 我试了很多次,都没有这样的运气.

我再次云顶集团用户登录了他们. 这一次 the support agent didn’t know how to resolve the issue. He showed me a screenshot of the language selection window, but it wasn’t what I saw on my end. 云顶集团用户登录就讲到这里.



Yes, BullGuard is a robust antivirus solution that’s been around since 2002. 在过去的几年里, it has been the recipient of multiple industry awards from independent testing companies. Bullguard includes several paid packages, each including a free trial option.


不幸的是, BullGuard doesn’t offer a permanently free version suitable for PC and Mac — only Android. That said, they do provide a free trial for each of their paid products.


的 BullGuard brand was created by two Danish entrepreneurs. 它的总部设在伦敦. BullGuard has offices in several other countries too, including the US, Germany, Sweden.


是的,BullGuard可以防止恶意软件以 间谍软件, 木马, ransomware. 此外, it features dynamic machine learning that prevents damage from malware and cyber thieves.

Octav费 (网络编辑)

Octav is a cybersecurity researcher and writer at AntivirusGuide. When he’s not publishing his honest opinions about security software online, 他喜欢学习编程, 看天文学纪录片, 并参加通识竞赛.